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Steel vs. Fiberglass Doors:


 How to Decide


Homeowners often ask, “which entry door should I choose, steel or fiberglass”? 

The short answer is – it depends. 

The technology for both has come a long way, and typically either choice will deliver much better long-term performance than a traditional wood door. Plus, they're much easier to maintain. How then, does a person decide? It truly depends     on your personal taste and preferences. Here are some key factors to consider. 


Fiberglass Entry Doors


The popularity of fiberglass entry doors continues to increase, and with good reason:


Fiberglass come in Many Grain types


Beauty – Fiberglass doors most closely mimic the  defined grain of traditional word doors and come in Smooth or a number of     Wood Grain textures like Oak, Cherry, Mahogany, Knotty Alder and Fir, as well as a variety of stain, glazed and paint colors. 

Endurance – Unlike wood doors, fiberglass entry doors do not shrink, warp, split, crack or delaminate. They’re ideal for     harsh and humid climates. Because fiberglass doors last so long, many come with strong warranties. 

Maintenance – Fiberglass entry doors offer low maintenance, resist denting and can be cleaned with mild soap and water. 

Energy Efficiency – Fiberglass entry door systems are     engineered to be highly energy efficient. The polyurethane core,     heat-resistant window trim, Q-Lon stripping and  entry doors work together to keep the cold  but in winter and heat out in the summer. 

Security – The solid construction of fiberglass entry doors provides significant security over wood doors. 

Cost – Fiberglass doors are typically less expensive than a high-end wood door (depending on the model, glass options and hardware selected), and offer longer durability and far less     maintenance. 



Steel Entry Doors


Steel entry doors remain popular, and are a solid choice for a variety of reasons:


Beauty – Steel entry doors are available in  smooth or wood grain textures, in multiple stains and paint finishes, and come in a variety of door styles, including some with glass. 

Durability – Steel doors, particularly those made of  20-gauge steel line, won’t crack or warp and are the strongest, most durable doors  available on the market. 

Maintenance – Steel doors will offer low maintenance     depending on the galvanization (rust prevention) and thickness of the steel. 

Energy Efficiency – Steel entry doors offer significantly     more energy efficiency than wood doors. 

Security – Steel entry doors offer the best solution for owners concerned with building or home security. 

Cost – Steel entry doors are very affordable compared to wood doors and offer significant long-term value. 


Steel Entry System

Steel also in Fire Rated

Steel also in Fire Rated


Steel also in Fire Rated

Steel also in Fire Rated

Steel also in Fire Rated


Steel in Several Styles

Steel also in Fire Rated

Steel in Several Styles