Wood You Believe It's Fiberglass?
You've decided it's time to replace your weathered wood entry door with something more secure and attractive. You're considering staying with solid wood because, face it, you're a bit of a purist. You think nothing comes close to the richness or depth of a real wood entry door, and maybe you're even willing to pay a higher price tag to get it. You're right about the beauty of a wood entry door, but if you think wood's your only choice for security, richness, and beauty, you should think again. Before you go with wood, consider a fiberglass entry door.

Fiberglass Entry Doors Are Sturdy and Low-Maintenance:
Innovations in higher-end fiberglass entry doors have filled the market with a quality product that many builders, contractors, and homeowners are selecting over wood itself. These higher-end fiberglass doors insulate better than solid wood entry doors, and they won't warp, rot, split, or crack the way wood can. Quality fiberglass doors can successfully imitate wood--even down to the extremely fine mitered joint line. They come in a wide range of styles, and can take a multitude of stains and finishes.

What's the Catch?
Plenty of products, from cheesy stamped-in wood grain patterns to metal doors embossed with wood grain, try to imitate wood--and fail miserably. Some vinyl and aluminum sidings strive so earnestly to evoke that look of wood and yet we're rarely fooled. But the highest quality fiberglass doors are different. Not only can you feel the micro cuts that simulate wood grain, but the market is inundated with wonderful custom-formulated stains and coat finishing kits that further enhance a fiberglass door's beauty. If you commit to a high quality fiberglass entry door, why wood you be disappointed?


About the Author
Ellen Foster is a freelance writer and teacher. She has taught students aged five to forty-five.

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