Understanding Door Terminology
When shopping for a new door, you may encounter words that you recognize but don't really understand. A contractor can reference the size of the doorjamb or ask you whether you want doorlites. Do you want a 'flush' door or a 'panelled door?' Here's a look at some common door terminology to help you weather this important home improvement purchase.
Choose Doors That Make a Statement
First impressions are important, and your front door says a lot about you and your home. It's not just the front door--when you have guests, your interior doors and the doors to your back yard, deck, or patio should also look their best. So if you are thinking of replacing your doors, here are some choices to consider.
Wood You Believe It's Fiberglass?
You've decided it's time to replace your weathered wood entry door with something more secure and attractive. You're considering staying with solid wood because, face it, you're a bit of a purist. You think nothing comes close to the richness or depth of a real wood entry door, and maybe you're even willing to pay a higher price tag to get it. You're right about the beauty of a wood entry door, but if you think wood's your only choice for security, richness, and beauty, you should think again. Before you go with wood, consider a fiberglass entry door.
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