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img046Esau Supply Company has been supplying quality doors and windows to contractors and residents of Old Town for over 50 years. Our locally owned and operated custom door millwork shop provides a quality product that will set your home apart.

The endeavor of selecting the right door can be intimidating for many people. We try to facilitate the process and to work with you to find the right door system for you at the best price possible. At Esau Supply Co., we never pressure our clients to make a hasty decision. We know that you will have to live with your choice of many years. As with many specialized crafts, the millwork industry is steeped with jargon and conventions that seem to be designed to confuse.

Our goal is to make your entry way:

1.    Functional:  It should provide security, weatherization, and the desired level of privacy. The wood species and finish should be appropriate for the weather exposure.

2.    Elegant:  The design and scale of the entry unit should respect the architectural plan of the building. The details of the wood, finish, glass and ironwork should be artfully executed

3.    Affordable:  With unsurpassed experience and knowledge of the millwork industry, the staff at Doors & Company can help you get the look you want at the best price available.

Delivering the highest quality products to residents of Old Town for decades, we will ensure that your project is completed with the highest standards and that you are 100% satisfied with the finished product. 

At Esau Supply Co., we manufacturer and supply a range of decorative doors that are built to excellence in terms of design, quality & workmanship backed by 50 years of business experience. So if you are an architect who needs to fill up the doors for your project, a businessman looking to get a reliable door manufacturer and supplier, or you are just looking for doors that fit into your own home, you have come to the right place.

We are dedicated to your total satisfaction.  Even if your project is less than typical, our experienced sales staff will guide you to just the right solution.   Come see our wide selection of products at our showroom that features windows and doors from top manufacturers.  Or you can contact our sales team today to schedule a free estimate.

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More about Old Town, California

Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, located in San Diego, California, is a state protected historical park in San Diego. The park preserves and recreates the old town of the city, from shortly after the Mexican War of Independence during its pueblo Alta California period beginning in 1821, through the Bear Flag Revolt, the American period, and ending in 1872, 22 years after statehood. Between 2005 and 2006, California State Parks listed Old Town San Diego as the most visited state park in California.

The Old Town community of San Diego contains 230 acres and is bound on the north by I-8 and Mission Valley, on the West by I-5 and Midway, and on the south and east by the Uptown/ Mission Hills hillsides.

Five original adobes are part of the complex, which includes shops, restaurants and a museum. Other historic buildings include a schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, San Diego's first newspaper office, and a stable with a carriage collection. Plaza del Pasado, a four-acre plaza that sits inside the park features shops, an activity center for students and school groups, and local artisans demonstrating their craft.

In the Spring of 2005, the Department of Parks and Recreation along with Plaza del Pasado transformed the park, its cultural center and marketplace to connect its visitors with a better understanding and appreciation of life and commerce in San Diego as it was from 1821 to 1872. Strolling storytellers in period costume, live music, shopping and restaurants inspired by 19th century San Diego life make the history of San Diego's oldest non-native neighborhood accessible and real to both tourists and locals who visit the park. The park also offers educational programs and an activity center to inspire children of San Diego to learn about the region's early history.

Visitors go to Old Town for shopping - some of the shops carry very nice handicrafts - or to have a big platter of tacos and enchiladas washed down with a margarita. While there, try to look past all that and poke around inside the historic buildings, imagining life in early California.

Why Is it "Old"?
Old Town San Diego, the first European settlement in what is now California, is often called the state's birthplace. In 1769, Catholic priest Father Junipero Serra founded California's first Spanish mission here. The mission eventually moved further inland and 1820s settlers moved closer to the water into the Gaslamp Quarter, leaving "Old Town" behind.

Today's Old Town San Diego centers on the oldest area of the first settlement. It includes a state historic park and related historic sights outside the park. History aficionados will find plenty of interest, but most people come to shop and eat in the restaurants.

Old Town San Diego Historic Park
The State Historic Park occupies nine square blocks and preserves many historic structures including five built of adobe (mud) bricks. Other buildings include California's first schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, the state's first newspaper office and a stable. These preserved buildings, each a small museum in itself, give a glimpse of life here from 1821 to 1872.

Interspersed between museum buildings, you'll find shops, with emphasis on Mexican-style pottery, tinwork and the like. If you just want to stroll and shop, it will be easy, and you can extend your route outside the park and down San Diego Avenue.

Even if you're a history buff, it takes a concerted effort to stay focused on the historical buildings in Old Town San Diego. Free, guided tours of Old Town San Diego that leave the visitor center daily are a good way to learn more about California's early history.

If you enjoy a good ghost story, try evening ghost tours that leave from Casa de Reyes.

Old Town San Diego Dining
Popular restaurants both inside and outside the state park tend to be touristy, with waitresses costumed in flouncy Mexican dresses dodging strolling mariachi musicians. Portions are huge, so order conservatively, even if you're very hungry.

In the northwest corner of the historic town square, you'll find more restaurants and shops at Plaza del Pasado. Patio dining here is pleasant any time of day, and the Mexican food never seems to change even though the name of the place does with some regularity.

Bazaar del Mundo, once located here is now at Taylor and Juan Streets.

Old Town San Diego Marketplace
This complex sits at the edge of the State Historic Park and provides more shopping opportunities. It includes a reconstructed 1853 adobe house, a restored convent built downtown in 1908 and moved to Old Town San Diego in 1940, and a new theatre. There's also a museum of archaeological artifacts.
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