Kitchen Design
Kitchen Design

To start planning you will need to be specific about the layout of your kitchen.  Pay attention to the work triangle and the three basic work centers.  This along with your own work style will help you figure out how you want to arrange your new kitchen.

Spend some time thinking about how your current kitchen is working for you.  What do you really like about your existing space and what do you want to change the most.  Do you have enough storage space, enough counter space?  Do you have any additional kitchen activities like homework or hobbies?  What are the main goals for your new kitchen?  Cut pictures from magazines and articles on remodeling.  Make notes and questions you have about the various products and designs that you may be interested in.

Determine a budget, since this will really decide what you can do and how you will go about doing it. How much do you want to spend? Are you familiar with current remodeling costs and the value of home improvements? Have you considered appliance costs and some of the special electrical or power needs for high-end appliances?
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The work triangle is the standard configuration used by industry professionals for designing efficient kitchens.   The three points of the triangle are typically the refrigerator, range and sink (storage, cooking and clean up).  Whether you are planning your own layout or working with a designer, use the triangle to check the efficiency of your design.

On a piece of paper, draw a rough sketch of your kitchen and include the location of your three main work areas – refrigerator, range and sink.  Connect the three locations with lines to form your triangle.

The 3 work centers include the following:

Food Storage – the main appliance here is the refrigerator, but the center may include your freezer and your main pantry.  The best location for the food storage center is close to the entry, so you won’t have to carry groceries too far.

Cooking -  the focal point of the second work area is the range/cook top of your cooking zone.  This is the main appliance in your food preparation center.  This center encompasses your oven and microwave, but may also include storage for spices, pots, pans, baking trays and utensils.

Clean up - Clean up revolves around the sink, but also includes the dishwasher, trash and recycling receptacles.   Many designers use this center as the starting point because many people want to be sure their sink is placed under the kitchen window.  Dishwasher placement is important too.  Cabinet and drawer storage for dishes, glasses, flatware and frequently used utensils are often nearby.

The next step is to get basic measurements of the room including the ceilings.  You will also need to have picked out your appliances and have those measurements.    Have this information for your first visit with the designer.  We will work with you on placement and final measurements at the home visit.

Some common appliance considerations are:

Range, cook top, wall oven, microwave, exhaust hood
Refrigerator, freezer
Trash compactor
Style of sink

Begin to think about what type of cabinet accessories you may want.  Some examples are:    Spice rack or drawer, open wall cabinet, China display cabinet, wine rack, bookcase, lazy susans, trash and recycling centers, desk drawers, glass doors, cutting board, and drawer organizers.   There are many choices and options, the above are just to give you some ideas.

The next step would be to come into our design center.  There are many variables that can affect the pricing and design of your kitchen.   Our designer will spend approximately 30 minutes explaining the differences to you.  After that if you are ready to proceed the designer will come to your home and do the final measuring and finalize your quote.

You will receive the first 2 hours of design at no charge.  Time charged for design after the initial 2 hours is figured at $50 per hour which will be applied to the purchase price of your kitchen. 


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