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smoothfb_jeldwenEsau Supply Company has been supplying quality doors and windows to contractors and residents of Poway for over 50 years. Our locally owned and operated custom door millwork shop provides a quality product that will set your home apart.

Doors are an important part of all our homes. They provide us with access, security, ventilation, and even illumination. Your exterior door is an important part of your exterior décor and offers energy savings.

Exterior doors are strong, energy efficient, and weather resistant. Doors provide a secure entrance and add the finishing touch to your home.  An exterior door can be made of steel, wood, or fiberglass. Because there are several types of exterior doors it’s important to choose the correct exterior door for your home.

Wood doors are available in rich warm tones and are available in many wood species. The cost of the door will depend on the type of wood. Wood doors can be stained or painted and will require regular maintenance.

Fiberglass exterior doors don’t crack, split, or dent and they are guaranteed against it. The cost will vary depending on the style. You will need to choose between stainable fiberglass which gives you the look of a wood door, and paintable fiberglass.

If your home still has its original doors it’s a good idea to replace them. Modern exterior doors fit much better and are also insulated much better so you could have substantial reductions in energy bills.  When replacing exterior doors, consider fiberglass doors which are far better value than wood. They are much more durable, and offer lower maintenance, better insulation, and better security.

Our custom millworks shop can pre-hang your doors in new wood or composite jambs or our expert installers can re-hang your new door in your existing opening.  One of our skilled representatives will visit your home and recommend the best product for you.

At Esau Supply Company’s we are dedicated to your total satisfaction.  Even if your project is less than typical, our experienced sales staff will guide you to just the right solution.   Come see our wide selection of products at our showroom that features windows and doors from top manufacturers.  Or you can contact our sales team today to schedule a free estimate.

Services and Products Include:
  • Exterior Doors
  • Interior Doors
  • Kitchen Design
  • Closet & Mirror Wardrobe Doors
  • Windows & Patio Doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Door Hardware
  • Mouldings
  • French Doors
  • and much more!
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More about Poway, California
The name of the beautiful valley of Poway (Pauwai) is derived from the language of the Diegueno and Luiseno Indians who roamed the area for several hundred years before the Spaniards came.  Traces of these Native Americans still remain. Poway Road North - 1960

Documents of Mission San Diego de Alcala record the name of the valley as "Paguay" as early as 1828.  Although there is a disagreement on the meaning of "Paguay," the generally accepted translation signifies "the meeting of little valleys" or "end of the valley."

Philip Crosthwaite is believed to have been the first white settler in the Poway area.  He built an adobe house and took up ranching in 1859.

A sufficient number of settlers had come into the valley by 1869 to warrant a post office.  Castanos Paine, whose ranch was a way stop for stages from the north and from San Diego, applied to Washington for an appointment as postmaster in 1870.  The application stated that there were no post offices located between San Diego and San Bernardino at that time.  The appointment was granted, but the Postmaster General crossed out the words "Paine's Ranch" and substituted "Poway," thus settling once and for all the spelling of the name.

The 1880's saw a prosperous and well-populated valley.  Families were settling on farms, planting orchards and vineyards, and raising grain.  Dairying was profitable, as was beekeeping.  By 1887, there were about 800 people in the Poway area.

Post Office - Midland RoadBy the early 1900's, the hardiest of the settlers had managed to cope with drought and transportation problems.  They had firmly established themselves in their chosen valley and had found a good and satisfying life.  Poway became known for its exceptionally fine peaches and for its vineyards.  Grain and alfalfa were other major products.  At the close of the 19th century, fewer than 1,000 people were living in Poway.

The growth of the town did not really get underway until the late 1950’s, when Poway Valley Homes opened the first subdivision.  In 1971, a dam was constructed, creating Lake Poway, to provide residents with a more permanent source of water.

In December 1980, Poway incorporated as a full-service, general law City, which operates under the Council/Manager form of government.  Prior to that, Poway was an unincorporated area of San Diego.  The City's policy-making body, the City Council, is comprised of five members elected at large by the citizens of Poway to serve four overlapping terms.  Annually, the City Council chooses one of its members to serve as Deputy Mayor, while the public directly elects the Mayor.

Old Poway Park

In the late 1980’s, development of the 700-acre Poway Business Park began in the southern area of the City.  The Business Park is home to more than 400 businesses today and provides more than 16,000 jobs.

In October 2003, the Cedar Fire, the largest fire in the history of San Diego County, destroyed 54 homes and caused thousands to evacuate.

You can find an activity for everyone at the Lake Poway Recreation Area!  Nestled in the hills of Poway amid groves of Eucalyptus and characteristic Southern California chaparral, Lake Poway offers annual community events, fishing and boating, an extensive trail system, picnicking, softball, summer day camps, and more.   The lake serves as the water supply for Poway residents and has provided excellent outdoor recreation opportunities for the entire community since 1972.

Poway Dog Park 
Poway Dog Park is an award-winning 1.75 acre fenced-in, lighted, off-leash area for dogs within the City of Poway's Community Park. Poway Community Park is open from sunrise to sunset daily. Lights in the dog park off-leash area extend evening hours to 9:30 p.m. 13094 Bowron Road, Poway. Google Map

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