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Esau Supply was started by George Esau in 1956 with a vision to provide San Diego County homeowners and contractors with quality entry doors, interior doors, mouldings and windows.  We offer custom and standard entry doors in hardwoods and fiberglass.  Our full service trim shop allows us to provide you with pre-hung doors with quick lead times.
  • We stock and install a large selection of base board, crown moulding and casing.
  • In house professional installation is available for all products we sell.  California Contractors license number 231865.
  • Free job site measure.
  • Vinyl, wood, aluminum, clad, and fiberglass windows available.
  • Interior doors available in hollow core paint grade and stain grade.  Solid Core interior doors are available in hardwoods and paint panel doors as well.
  • Rush service available.
  • Experienced staff to work with you on both residential and commercial products.

Being a family owned and operated business we understand how important relationships are.  We are an honest company that treats our customers with respect.  We offer no gimmicks, no “sales pitch”, and no pressure.   We work closely with contractors, re-modelers, designers and homeowners to insure the buyers get the look the look they want.

If the time has come to replace your entryway doors, Esau Supply wants to speak with you and explain the value of using Esau Supply.

Esau Supply makes available to you all major brands of wood and fiberglass doors and frames. Gone are the scratched, unimaginative, and weather weary entries that were original to the home.

Custom Doors Add Class to Your Home

Your doors can say a lot about you. A custom door, particularly in your front entry, gives the visitor a strong impression of you and your home. What do you want your front door to say? Do you want it to be welcoming, friendly, elegant, or perhaps to impart a touch of humor? Remember, it should also fit the design and style of your home. Custom doors can be made from a variety of materials, shaped and finished in a myriad of designs--mahogany, glass, wrought iron; sculpted, etched; rectangular, arched; the possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget.

Products and Services Include:

Services and Products Include:
  • Exterior Doors
  • Interior Doors
  • Kitchen Design
  • Closet & Mirror Wardrobe Doors
  • Windows & Patio Doors
  • Cabinetry
  • Door Hardware
  • Mouldings
  • French Doors
  • and much more!
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More about Mission Beach, California
Mission Beach is a community on a stretch of sandbar along the Pacific Ocean to the west and Mission Bay to the east in San Diego. The main artery through Mission Beach is Mission Boulevard, which is divided into South Mission, a peninsula, and North Mission.

Mission Beach spans nearly two miles of ocean, with a boardwalk on both the ocean and bay side, between Mission Bay to the east and Pacific Beach to the north. The boardwalk has been expanded and separated by a yellow line for foot traffic on one side and wheels (roller blades, bicycles and skateboards) on the other. At the south end of the beach a jetty, with grass, parking and a walk, extends into the ocean.

Attractions near Mission Beach include SeaWorld and historic Belmont Park, in South Mission Beach, which features the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. Other amusement park rides include the FlowRider, Chaos, Vertical Plunge, Krazy Kars, Tilt-a-Whirl, Liberty Carousel, Crazy Submarine, and The Trampoline. The Mission Beach Plunge opened in May of 1925 as the centerpiece of Belmont Park, which was built by John D. Spreckels to stimulate real estate sales and to promote his electric railway. The 60-foot-by-175-foot swimming pool, was at the time the largest salt-water pool in the world, holding 400,000 gallons. The plunge building, encapsulating The Plunge, which was featured in the Tom Cruise film Top Gun, was styled after the Spanish Renaissance architecture that also were erected in San Diego's Balboa Park between 1915 and 1916. It originally opened as the “Natatorium.”

The Mission Beach Plunge is the only remaining structure left from the original Belmont Park structures, which were razed in the late 1980s. Celebrities who once swam in the pool include Esther Williams and Johnny Weissmuller. The roof of the pool rolled open to make it both an inside and outdoor pool.

The Mission Beach community planning area is located on a sand bar/peninsula two miles long and up to 1/4 of a mile wide along the western edge of the mid-coastal region of the City of San Diego. It is bounded on the north by Pacific Beach, on the east by Mission Bay, on the south by the San Diego River (with Ocean Beach on the opposite bank) and on the west by the Pacific Ocean.

Because of the difficulties of developing on sand, Mission Beach developed later than its neighbors, Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach. In 1914, encouraged by land sales in these neighboring communities and a new bridge connecting Mission Beach with Ocean Beach, John D. Spreckels offered lots for sale, resulting in a tent community focused on a swimming pool, a bayfront pier and a bath house.

In 1922, the city's new health code required the removal of all non-permanent buildings. In 1925, in order to stimulate real estate sales and to promote his electric railway, Mr. Spreckels built the Mission Beach amusement center, now called Belmont Park. Upon his death, he granted Belmont Park to the City. The removal of the rail line and the bridge to Ocean Beach and the development of West Mission Bay Drive through Mission Bay Park resulted in the current circulation system.

The majority of the original residential structures in Mission Beach were constructed in the 1930s and 1940s. However, development pressure has led to the redevelopment infill of much of Mission Beach, focusing primarily on properties that are adjacent to the water and in the southern area of the community. Mission Beach is the most densely developed residential community in San Diego with a land use designation over the majority of its area of 36 dwelling units per acre. It is also comprised of the smallest lots in the city, with standard lot areas ranging from 1250 to 2400 square feet. Few of these lots have been consolidated to form larger lots.

In 1970, a Mission (Beach)-Pacific Beach Community Plan was adopted. In 1974, the City Council amended the 1970 plan to remove the Mission Beach planning area from it and adopted the Mission Beach Precise Plan.
Mission Beach is the center of a continuous stretch of beach known as The Strand, which extends over two miles, beginning at the Mission Bay channel entrance and ending at the north end of Pacific Beach. The Strand is the most popular beach area in the City of San Diego and draws large crowds in summer.

Various shops, restaurants, and beach rental outfits surround the Mission Beach lifeguard station, at the foot of Ventura Street beside a landmark roller coaster. The north end of Mission Beach is bordered by residential properties, but there are some stores available on Mission Boulevard, a block or so from the beach.

Mission Beach spans nearly 2 miles of ocean between Mission Bay to the east and Pacific Beach to the north. Filled with upscale, pastel-colored homes and condos, with a measure of old-style cottages and beach apartments, it’s a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The boardwalk at Mission Beach offers some of the best people watching in all of San Diego! Joggers, bicyclists, roller bladers, and casual strollers contrast with the local flavor, which features lots of tattoos, piercings, and exotic pets. This place is a real scene most weekends. Locals in particular enjoy this beach, which offers with both land and water activities.

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